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A beginners guide to Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks Classes Derby

Ever thought of trying an aerial silks class?


I’m a gym bunny and never done it before!


So for all you gym goers out there I have a question for you:

Have you ever thought about trying to work out in the air?

Aerial silks is a way to do that!

Now, have you ever fancied throwing yourself across the sky, tumbling in the air and just delving into something a little bit different? If you have, you should dive into aerial silks because not only it is way more fun than the traditional gym exercises. It’s also going to give you a more impactful and a better full body workout. The great thing about aerial silks you need strength, but also your flexibility. So you’re not only getting the chance to work on your flex, but you’re also getting the chance to build some true all over full body strength that you just can’t do from lifting weights.


What are “Aerial Silks”?


You don’t need to run away to the circus anymore to go flying in the air but what what exactly are aerial silks? Aerial silks are two lengths of fabric which are secured from the ceiling. This is usually to a steel beam that can hold a couple of double decker busses. Basically, you climb them, throw yourself around and you do all sorts of awesome stuff. But not only that, you also wrap yourself in them to create amazing poses that require great strength & flexibility, then as you get a little bit stronger and a little bit more confident, you’ll start learning how to tumble down the silks and perform amazing spectacles!


Are Aerial Silks Though?


But why should I get into aerial silks?  You may ask.

Well, there are a lot of different aerial fitness apparatuses, so why silks? Aerial silks are a brilliant physical challenge, because as I’ve said already, you need strength & flexibility. Also, they are a lot softer than other pieces of equipment. Plus, when you’re in the air and you’re just wrapping yourself, it really does give you this feeling of total freedom and it’s something that you will see tangible results from fairly quickly.


What are the benefits of aerial silks?


With aerial silks and really any form of aerial fitness it’s a full body workout, so you are going to use your entire body. You’re also going to increase that upper body strength, because you need those muscles to control yourself as you ascend and descend. You’re going to engage that core, and even if you’re not flexible, you are going to get flexible. Anybody can do it as it just takes a little bit of  time and practice.

So maybe if I’ve done a bit of pole fitness can I go straight in more advanced silks class? I’d probably say it’s best to stick with beginners, because although you may have some flexibility and strength there are foundation skills that you need to master and you will be using the same muscle groups but in a different way. So for the safety reasons you are better sticking with beginners initially, then if you find it too easy you can switch to a higher level class.


What should I expect in this amazing class?


In aerial silks, just like any other class regardless of whether it’s Aerial hoop or straps or whatever, you should expect a good warm up because obviously if we don’t warm up we risk injuring ourselves. Then you’ll move on to some climbing, and some conditioning moves, then it’s really about trying to explore and trying to get into those tricks. Then obviously at the end you’ll have a little bit of a cooldown.

One of my top tips is don’t be put off if you don’t feel like you have any upper body strength. You can do stuff close to the ground. So even if you don’t get a climb straight away, you can practice different moves and poses until you feel confident enough to do it higher up. You don’t have to be six metres in the air to make stuff look impressive.

So if you fancy doing some aerial silks then check out our mixed aerial classes!

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