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I’ve never done aerial, what should I expect?

Aerial Hoop

I never done aerial so what should I expect?


For a lot of people when they do their first aerial class, whether that’s an aerial hoop or aerial silks, they’re generally pretty nervous because let’s face it; it’s not your normal style of fitness.

But the great thing about aerial is it’s very inclusive. So from the very first time you step in to the studio, you are gonna feel welcome, and you are gonna walk into a an amazing, friendly, warm and homely environment

One of the main concerns people have when they first start is:

“I can’t do a pull up, so therefore I can’t do aerial.”


That is absolutely rubbish perception. You don’t need to be able to do a pull up to do aerial. The whole idea is that you come to work on this stuff and build your strength in a fun and enjoyable environment. Let’s face it, pull ups are not that fun. So don’t worry if you can’t do a pull up. Nobody expects you to be able to. Most of the people who started aerial and those who are working professionally as well, couldn’t do it when they first started. This is what your instructors are here for, we are here to guide you through that journey, and we’re here to get you to a stage where you will be able to master the skills you dream of doing now.


“Is there a weight limit” or “I feel like I’m too big” and the answer is there is no weight limit.


Absolutely do not be concerned, the kit that we use can hold double decker buses and lorries. So it doesn’t matter what shape or size you are, anybody can do aerial. And again, it doesn’t matter if it’s an aerial hoop, aerial silks, or even aerial straps or flying pole, it’s a very, very inclusive kind of fitness.


“What should I wear in my first aerial class?”


Generally you want to wear leggings, and layers on top. I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing it in shorts. You want a good pair of cotton leggings as they give you a better grip than the silky ones, and a long sleeve top with a short sleeve underneath. With time you will figure out what you are most comfortable in.


“Do I need to be flexible to do aerial?”


The thing with flexibility is, it will come in time. You can start aerial with no flexibility. When I started, my instructor said, a plank of wood had more flexibility than me. So, again, it comes down to the whole sort of point: you’re here to work on this stuff and you’re here to build on it.

It really doesn’t matter if you feel like “okay, I’m not very strong,I’m not very flexible”. That is the barrier, but a lot of people started with no flex, they started without the strength and they built it up over time. The great thing about aerial is you can give yourself goals, and they’re very tangible because there’s lots of different stages and levels to go through. You might start your goals with linking different beginner moves to perform a flowy, pretty and short routine.

If we take an aerial silks class for example, in the first week or two, we don’t expect people to be able to jump straight on to it. With time you will start building on more complex tricks and your flexibility will naturally get better, your strength will also naturally get better.

So, I would definitely encourage you, regardless of your state of fitness, and regardless of how you perceive how strong or flexible you are – Aerial is for everybody.


“So what is a good starting one?”


I’d say if you’ve never done this before, aerial hoop is quite a good starting point, because it’s a very accessible piece of apparatus.

The silks are still quite accessible, but a lot of people get put off because you need a little bit more strength for those. They’re not unreachable for beginners at all. You don’t have to go high. But if you’re really nervous and you’re wondering, what should I start with, then I say start with the hoop because that’s going to help build the confidence. It also usually allows a quicker progression.

When you feel strong enough, then there’s nothing stopping you coming on to aerial silks, or even aerial straps or flying pole!

Just get on the equipment, get yourself down to a studio, give it a go. Then if you find it’s not for you, it’s not for you. And that is also absolutely fine!

But we hope, you don’t let things like pull ups put you off because it’s all a myth!

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