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circus strong

We started in 2021 when our fabulous founder Holly had enough of the corporate 9 to 5 world and as a transgender women she had experienced plenty of judgement in traditional gyms and always found them rather boring. 

  • So . . . having spent 5 years training aerial
  • competing (and winning a lot he he)
  • and performing professionally

she decided it was time to turn her passion into a business. Creating a fun, sociable, safe & judgment free organisation that welcomes people and provides an alternative to the gym was really important to Holly so with this in mind Circus Strong was born!!


meet our directors

Holly Hutchinson

Hey everyone I’m Holly and I’m a proud transgender woman. I started aerial about 5 years ago when I started transitioning. You see before I started aerial I was a really angry person suffering from depression, feeling suicidal and just an arsehole.

That all changed when I took my first aerial silks lesson. I finally found something I was good it in life and met the friendliest non judgement people ever. So I kept training, then I started competing and then I started getting gigs and well aerials just in my blood now.

I’ve pretty much done them all but I specialiSe in


  • Aerial Silks
  • Aerial Rope
  • Aerial Straps
  • Aerial Swing
  • Aerial Hoop


I also focus a lot on bodyweight training which is why I started CrossFit and decided to create the CrossFly concept.

natalia winnicka

Nat – Queen of Marketing & Public Relations
Nat has been with Circus Strong from day 1 and is key to its everyday running. She’s a marketing wizz who helps Holly take her thoughts from idea to a visual concept that everyone can see.
She’s been training aerial and pole for a over a year and is definitely a hoop person through and through.

“I believe that everyone has the right to be themselves regardless of their gender, sexuality or race. Having seen first hand the effects of marginalisation and discrimination getting involved with Circus Strong is going to allow me to make a difference and bring about positive change in a community that I feel passionate about and want to help.”

elodie allen

certified Instructor in a diverse range of Aerial disciplines, Elodie has been teaching Aerial Hoop since 2020.
She began her Aerial journey in 2017 and got hooked ever since starting from Static Trapeze to Ropes, Silks, Hoop, Flying Trapeze, Straps, Slings, etc.
After the Covid restrictions were lifted, she joined the Aerial Hoop classes with Circus Strong and it was love at first sight!
Being diagnosed with a chronic illness (scleroderma) over 10 years ago, it was challenging to find an activity where I fit in.
Aerial is the first art form I came across where have been able to:
– Learn Self-Acceptance: Embrace both strengths and weaknesses, work at your own pace and level and with consistency and patience, there’s no limit! Each journey is unique ❤
– Find a different, fun and unique workout!
– Enjoy my favourite type of exercise: Calisthenics”

Help us fund a permanent home,
known as 'The Ring'

Being a community interest company ltd by guarantee mean we are a not for profit organisation and don't issue shares to our staff.

Any profits are reinvested in the community we serve and used to improve Circus Strong's offerings.