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Three Tips for Staying Conditioned for Aerial Circus & Pole

Three Tips for Staying Conditioned for Aerial Circus & Pole


Hello my fellow warriors and flyers!

Now, whether you are an aerial silks person, aerial hoop or pole dancer there is one thing that we all have in common. Staying conditioned off the equipment is essential for being strong on the equipment.

Whether it is working on your flexibility or strength off the equipment, it should be a key part of your training schedule.


Why spend time conditioning off the equipment though?


  1. Prevents injury – Aerial circus and pole dancing can be dangerous and it can be quite easy to damage/injure yourself if you don’t keep your body in good shape and don’t engage correct muscles. For example if you don’t work on your flex and you do a lot of aerial silks you are much more prone to injuring your shoulders and back due to the muscles becoming tighter as your strength increases. 


2. Progress Quicker – There’s no doubt that pole and aerial take a lot of strength and a lack of strength can cause endless frustration. We’ve all come across something that we want to nail but we just don’t have the strength yet, which then leads to us getting annoyed and frustrated. So by spending time getting stronger off the equipment it’s only going to improve your performance on the equipment and speed up your progress. It’s the same with flexibility, you may have the strength to hold the trick but your lack of flex may then prevent you from being able to push it.


3. Unlocks Ground Based Skills for Floor Work – When I started working in circus one of the key things that held me back from getting aerial jobs, was my lack of ground skills. I found that most of the time employers wanted ground skills on top of aerial. So it was only when I started working on my acro skills like forearm handstands, handstand canes, juggling & stilt walking that I started getting the work. I also found that when I gained these skills on the ground they really brought a new dimension to my aerial routines as I was able to bring the two together to create a seamless routine from start to finish.


So, my top three tips are:


  1. Dedicate at least 1 hour a day to some form of stretch conditioning. For example, if you do a lot of aerial silks, try to do half an hour of shoulder stretching at least three days a week. Then spend at least another half an hour working on your straddles & middle splits. If you follow this you’ll also be indirectly working on your handstand because tight shoulders and hips/glutes are the two biggest blockers for people achieving a straight handstand.


2. Spend time doing strength based exercise focused around your upper body. Whether it’s working your lats which are a key muscle for inverting in all the disciplines or the triceps for holds, it will only going to improve your performance on the equipment. If you don’t have time to do a lot then try and get some press ups and pull ups in as these will be the most effective exercises for you.


3. Work that grip! Whether you’re a pole dancer, aerial hoop or trapeze artist we can all agree a strong grip is critical. So find the time and work on it.


If you are not sure how to condition off the equipment then try our friendly online classes specifically designed for this purpose!
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Take care my fellow warriors and flyers!


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