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The Three Benefits of Aerial/Pole Fitness

There is good news on the horizon; the studios are finally opening!

While they cannot quite open fully and return to pre COVID lockdown levels just yet it is still a huge step forwards.

For some of us the studios are more than a way of experiencing aerial and pole fitness; they are our social lives, they are a place to be ourselves, they are a place to escape the pressures of our everyday lives. So when they closed, it was certainly tough and almost like having a vital organ taken out. I know for sure I personally struggled.

But… why do we do pole and fly over the gym, because let’s face it, it can be more expensive and considerably more painful and dangerous!
So here are three benefits of aerial fitness to get you excited for circus disciplines:


1. Pole dancing and aerial fitness doesn’t usually have those annoying groups you get in gyms

Let’s face it: gyms are boring and there’s usually one of the following groups knocking about.

  • The overcompensating obnoxious t!ats trying to show off.
  • The equipment hoggers who do about one rep and then need a good fifteen minutes rest before the next one.
  • The why did you even bother if you’re just going to spend it all chatting on social media and staring at your phone?

2. Pole Dancing and Aerial Fitness is Way more Effective


Let’s say you go to the gym and lift some weights, that’s great, but you’ve only targeted very specific muscles.

On the flipside let’s say you do an aerial silks or aerial hoop lesson; the chances are you’ve used every muscle in your body and done a weights/cardio session without even realising it. How though?

Well, to just got in an aerial hoop you have to literally lift your entire bodyweight on the equipment and the higher the equipment the more strength you need.

Then lets take aerial silks? To just get up it you need to be able to have enough core and upper body strength to lift your entire weight by physically climbing it.

Then once you’ve got there you need to be able to have enough grip strength to hold onto it and take your entire bodyweight.

Then if you can do that you’re ready for a trick and by the way there’s a lot of upside down stuff. So can you then hold on throw your body upside down?


3. Pole Dancing And Aerial Fitness is way More fun and sociable


So let me ask you this: Do you really enjoy running on a treadmill? I know I don’t.

One of the best things about pole and aerial fitness is the social side. Watching your friends mess up tricks, fail all around or absolutely smash it, is an amazing thing.

I’ve been doing aerial silks and various other disciplines for five years and the one thing that is consistent is its always a social affair where you work hard but in between you have a good chat, take pictures, catch up with friends and make new ones.

Aerial fitness and pole dancing doesn’t discriminate and strive to get you a perfect body.

It helps you build confidence because you meet a much more diverse range of people who have all been through stuff in life.


Thanks for reading everyone and I look forward to seeing you in classes!
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