Look we hate cardio, we really do. Like seriously the circus way does not involve cardio. So we’ve taken traditional HIIT workouts and come up with our own unique and fun version that gives you the same benefits but isn’t quite as serious. 


There’s still going to be some jumping and pushups but were more focused on making it a social event that brings our Warriors and Flyers together to support each other. Like let’s say you’re feeling a bit depressed or lonely and you need that push to get you up at 7AM.


Use this to build friendships with other members and be like well I’ll do it if you do it or its 6.55 get your ass out of bed I need your support to get through this session.


So come on if you can only do one thing in the week why not make it this.



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One of the things that aerialists are great at is working with their own bodyweight. Every time we throw ourselves upside down we’re pretty much doing a pull up and in our routines we could be doing that like 10 times! 

When you know how to work with your own bodyweight you can do some pretty incredible stuff and have more fun

☺ Well our ringmaster thinks so ☺ 

So in our bodyweight classes you’ll learn basic things like how to do a press up properly and lots of variations. You’ll learn how to lift your body of the ground using nothing but your own strength and gymnastics/yoga techniques. 

Working with your bodyweight is so much more effective than lifting a few weights and will make you so much stronger. If you lift a 20kg weight that’s great but if Holly lifts her whole body that’s like 85kg. Plus you don’t need any equipment other than your body.

One of the great things about this class and all our virtual classes is you can do it in the comfort of your own home and in your pyjamas if you wanted to. 

We really are about community though so if you want to meet people and have a laugh while getting fitter and stronger than any gym will make you; sign up and become part of the Circus Strong Family.



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Ever looked at a circus performers abs? Noticed how they have that ripped washboard look?


Well that’s because your abs are probably the most important muscle regardless of what you are doing. Having strong abs can not only improve your posture but more importantly its the key to unlocking the your body’s true potential.


So why not have a social and get your core strong with this great little power hour suitable for all levels



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Have you ever wondered how aerialists fly so gracefully through the air or are you already an aerialist training?


Well spending time conditioning of the equipment is just as important as it not only helps you be cleaner with your movements & hold them for longer but also prevents injury.


Unlike other classes Circus Strong’s strength & conditioning classes specifically focus on the muscles used in inverts & holding yourself in the air. There’s a lot of focus on pull movements which are an important part of any aerialists training.


So get stronger on the equipment by being stronger off the equipment.



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Have you ever wanted to do the splits or just touch your toes? Or are you doing aerial and need to work on your flexibility?


Flexibility is a huge part of the circus world and even if you only do strength based stuff it’s still essential because it reduces your chance of injury. Plus if you want to see more progress in our CrossFly & Hoop/Pole Classes it’s certainly worth doing.


Everything we do in this class is for different levels so even if you’re only as flexible as a plank of wood or at contortion level we’ll have a variation that’ll be right for you. Our ringmaster Holly could barely touch her toes when she started her aerial journey but with dedication got her splits and all sorts of stuff.


Plus we’ll be chatting our ass of the whole way through ☺



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Virtual 1:1’s


If there’s something you want to really focus on, want to achieve something specific or just need a kick up the ass then why not have a 1:1 with Holly. She can help you get to where you want to go and can make anything seem possible. Plus she’ll make it a load of fun as well ☺


Cost: £20



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